Sometimes as a mother and wife I feel that I am just doing the same things over and over every day! Washing, dishes, vacuuming, making beds, changing nappies, cleaning, cooking etc. There's not a great lot of time left over to do other things. Do you ever feel like this?
Yesterday I was talking to someone who has just started working in a factory packing frozen foods. She told me how time goes quite slow because you're pretty much doing the same thing all day--standing in the same place packing food. She said that one day she had to do a few other things and it was really nice just to have a bit of variety.
This conversation made me very thankful. I realized that my 'job' actually has a lot of variety! I am not folding washing all day, although sometimes it feels like it! :) I don't make beds all day. I actually do a lot of different things throughout the day. I have the freedom to choose what to cook and what to plant in the garden etc.
My 'job' is far from monotonous!

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