Feelings or Facts?

How are you feeling today?
Last night I was feeling quite depressed. I had experienced a disappointment with our sick baby during the day. Hospital life has many ups and downs. You get told something positive, but the next minute your hopes are dashed.
Before bed I was writing down my prayers, as I like to do. They were very miserable as they were full of my feelings. But then I decided to write down a list of facts to encourage myself. It worked!
Instead of "I feel like we're going to be in hospital forever," I wrote "We won't be here forever."
Instead of "I feel like we're no closer to going home than when we first arrived," I wrote "We are nearly 6 weeks closer to going home."
If you're feeling down today, maybe its because you're focusing on  your feelings.
Facts are far more encouraging!

I've shared this poem before, but I need to remember it at the moment!
Feeling, Faith and Fact
Three men were walking on a wall,
Feeling, Faith and Fact,
When Feeling got an awful fall,
And Faith was taken back.
So close was Faith to Feeling,
He stumbled and fell too,
But Fact remained,
And pulled Faith back
And Faith brought Feeling too.
~Author Unknown~

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