What Do You Love...?

What do you love about being a homemaker?
Thismorning I read a blog post about what the writer loved about being a homemaker. I didn't have time to read the whole thing as the list was very long! I couldn't help being convicted but also encouraged. Lately I haven't found much joy in being a homemaker. I have sighed a lot and often felt stressed!
Reading through the list of all the blessings of being a homemaker, I realized I was focused on the difficulties and challenges. 
Being a homemaker is difficult and has its moments, but a good perspective goes a long way to being a joyful person.
I decided to start my own list. It is not nearly as poetic, but it helps me to focus on what I love, rather than what I find difficult. I'm sure I'll find many more.

I love staying home!
    I am very thankful I don't have to work outside our home, as I love being at home.
I love sweet notes/cards/gifts from my children.
I love cuddles.
    Little Lydia is the cuddliest child ever! 
I love hearing "I love you, Mummy!"
I love watching my children playing happily together.
I love vacuuming and the look of a clean tidy floor.
I love the aroma of freshly baked bread.
I love the satisfaction of picking vegetables from my own garden.
I love being able to choose the menu.
I love making things fresh and clean.
I love the way my flower garden looks when I've pulled out the weeds.
I love finding a bargain and knowing I've used my money well.
I love reading stories to my children.
I love playing games with my children.
I love to put a hot delicious smelling meal on the dinner table.
I love to see my family enjoying food I've prepared.
I love watching my older children love their younger siblings.
I love the cuteness of little children.
I love the variety in being a homemaker.
    There are so many things I can choose.
I love that I can rest when I need to.
I love being creative and making a new meal from leftovers.
I love it when my husband comes home at the end of the day.
I love having a hot drink and biscuit with my husband when the children are in bed.
I love the funny things children do and say.
   The other day I was putting some stuff to kill snails on my vegetable garden. When I told Joseph what they were, he misunderstood and said "You're planting snails??"

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