Children and Mess!

This afternoon my baby was sleeping, my three other children were playing happily together outside and my husband was out. So I decided to use the moment to give our bathroom a thorough clean. I cleaned the windows and mirror, vacuumed the floor, scrubbed the shower and sink and was about to mop the floor and clean the toilet when..... in came two of my children who had been happily playing in the wet sandpit! I looked in dismay at the sand sprinkled all over the toilet, and the sand all over the floor and my little boy whose clothes were covered in wet sand! Not to mention my feet now covered in sand. I thought, "This room is now dirtier than before I started cleaning!! I wondered whether I should get out the vacuum cleaner and vacuum all over again. Or should I just try to mop up the sand? Or should I just forget about cleaning altogether??
I'm glad I read a blogpost thismorning about a lady who longs to have children to brighten up her home.
I'm also glad I read a devotion thismorning about being a joyful mum even when our children make a mess!
I'm glad I've gone through lots of hospital experience over the last half year. For one thing it's made me appreciate and enjoy my children more, as being in hospital has meant lots of separation. But its also made me appreciate housework more. Have you ever been cooped up in a little hospital room when you're not sick?? It's enough to make you long to wash dishes, clean bathrooms, vacuum or ANYTHING!
So although I groaned when I saw the sand, I was able to thank God for filling my house with children and that I am at home able to look after them!
There will come a day when I'll be able to have a spotless house (if that's possible anyway!!), and I'm sure I'll then just wish I had delightful little children again! 

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